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Occupational Health Tests and Screenings at UPMC in North Central Pa.

Protecting Your Workforce and Business

UPMC’s occupational health services include a wide range of wellness tests for your employees to promote a healthy and thriving workplace. These screenings can be completely customized to your business, and are available at our WorkCenters throughout north central Pa., or right at your workplace, depending on your specific needs.

Contact your local WorkCenter to learn more and get started today.

Employee Physical Exams and Tests

To keep your workforce safe and healthy on the job, we offer a variety of employee physicals, including pre-placement, DOT and non-DOT, fitness-for-duty, and OSHA-compliant exams. Our occupational medicine specialists can perform these and other screenings right onsite, with fast and confidential results.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our program is a highly effective tool for screening job candidates and helping create a safe, drug-free work environment. Our skilled team includes DOT-certified specimen collectors and certified breath alcohol technicians. Testing is available onsite at any of our convenient WorkCenters, with results typically available within 24-48 hours.

Learn more about drug-screening.

Medical Surveillance Exams

We offer OSHA-required surveillance exams and screenings to help protect employees who may be exposed to hazards. The program gives you an ongoing look at the health of your workforce, helping to identify any abnormal trends and if needed, implement strategies to prevent or reduce health risks. We offer exams for asbestos, HAZMAT/HAZWOPER, lead and cadmium, and more.

Hearing Services

Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational diseases and the second most self-reported occupational illness or injury. Our hearing services help protect your employees and ensure your business meets all OSHA requirements.

  • Convenient testing at your worksite
  • Testing available for all shifts, approximately 100 workers per shift
  • Mobile Unit with state-of-the-art sound room with four audiometers for testing
  • Testing by a CAOHC-certified technician
  • Audiograms reviewed by a WorkCenter physician
  • Annual audiograms are compared to baselines, and shifts in standard thresholds are calculated
  • Medical histories for each employee are reviewed and maintained
  • Test results are reviewed with employees

We also offer:

  • Hearing conservation training and education
  • Workplace sound level monitoring
  • Custom-molded earplugs
  • Pre-employment baseline testing at The WorkCenter
  • Acoustic calibrations and octave band analysis

Call 570-320-7442 to learn more about our hearing conservation and testing program.

Respiratory Fit Testing

PORTACOUNT™ respiratory fit testing ensures your employees’ safety and your company’s compliance with OSHA requirements. It gives a numeric readout of respirator fit-factors during a series of tests designed to simulate the work environment. The PORTACOUNT FitPlus™ software generates a real-time display of test results and creates a permanent record of your fit testing compliance. Our trained professionals come on site to test your employees in their own mask.

Program components include:

  • Quantitative fit testing using the PORTACOUNT™ machine and FitPlus™ software
  • Qualitative testing using the bitrix methodology
  • Respirator selection and training
  • Record maintenance by OSHA guidelines
  • Records management
  • Related services: respirator questionnaires, spirometry and respirator physical exams

Ancillary Services

We also offer testing at our facilities for:

  • Radiology and MRI
  • Laboratory
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation