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Professional Training in MBSR Essentials: 10-Session Program

In this MBSR Essentials 10-week program, you will study the curriculum, program flow, and contextual and theoretical background of MBSR. The attitudes and skills of the teacher, language, underlying principles, and examining how to engage participants in an exploration of their own lives are observed, investigated, and practiced. This course is the first step of the MBSR Teacher Education Pathway of the Global Mindfulness Collaborative and the North American Mindfulness Teacher Training Alliance.

In this 10-week program, students will:

  • Attend all sessions as a participant/observer of an MBSR program (includes orientation, all 8 MBSR sessions plus the all-day session).
  • Participate in a concurrent 10-week professional training seminar.

Commitment is required.

This is an intensive course. Attendance at all MBSR classes and seminars is required, in addition to the MBSR class and ongoing practice assignments between classes, there are readings, journaling, and other assignments.

Competencies after completion:

  • Deepen personal MBSR-based mindfulness meditation practice
  • Demonstrate an increased capacity for authentic self-awareness and expression as a person and as a teacher
  • Recognize, appraise and develop competence in ethos, structure, and content of MBSR course
  • Offer introductory and informational sessions based on MBSR

In order to be qualified to participate in this MBSR Essentials course, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have attended a MBSR 8-week class in the past
  • Currently be practicing meditation for at least one year
  • Have attended at least one 5-day (or more), silent, teacher-led meditation retreat


Please be aware that the MBSR Essentials program includes a 10-session seminar and attendance at a 8-week MBSR course, as well as the retreat day.

Please be sure that you are available on all dates.

Instructor: Carol M. Greco, PhD

2024 Dates

MBSR Essentials Seminar – In Person, Pittsburgh PA, UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine:

10 Consecutive Tuesday evenings, September 10, 2024 – November 12, 2024, 6-9:30pm ET

MBSR 8-week Course – In Person:

8 Consecutive Monday evenings, September 16, 2024 – November 4, 2024, 6-8:30pm ET

Retreat day (in person), Saturday October 26, 2024, 9am – 4pm ET

Cost of MBSR Essentials Program

$2,250 USD. This includes the fee for the entire program: MBSR Essentials Seminar and the MBSR 8-week course.


If you meet the pre-requisites and are interested, contact Dr. Greco at

Dr. Greco will provide you with an application and further information about the MBSR Essentials Program.