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Cardiology Telemedicine Services

Video visits through a UPMC patient portal make it easy to access expert heart care at UPMC. They're a way to get treatment for heart problems, whether you live in Pittsburgh or miles away.

About Heart Telemedicine

Current and new UPMC cardiology patients can use video visits.

Simply download your patient portal app to your smartphone or computer to connect to a UPMC heart doctor.

To make the most of your time with the doctor, be sure you have:

  • A strong wi-fi connection.
  • A quiet and private space.
  • Good lighting.
  • A list of questions, current medications, and data from wearable devices.
  • Your health history.

During the visit, your cardiologist may:

  • Ask you about or assess any new symptoms.
  • Discuss results from your PCP or specialist.
  • Provide pre-op consults to help you get ready for heart surgery.
  • Offer post-op consults to manage your health after surgery.
  • Talk to you about ways to prevent heart disease.

After the visit, you can access a recording of your visit to refer to later.

Remote consults for heart disease prevention

Remote heart services aren't just for current UPMC patients or people with an existing illness.

We do video visits with new patients who may have a family history of heart disease. Or who want to learn ways to prevent it.

Using your UPMC patient portal app, you can connect via live audio-video with a heart doctor.

During your preventive video visit:

  • You and the doctor will review your family history, lifestyle, and any current symptoms.
  • You can share heart rate, blood pressure, or other data if you use wearables.
  • You'll receive guidance on lifestyle changes and efforts to keep your heart healthy.
  • The doctor can also suggest any in-person physical exams or testing needed for diagnosis or to improve care.

Benefits of Heart Telemedicine

Telehealth directly connects you with a UPMC heart expert and offers other values such as:

  • Access to heart specialists from anywhere.
  • Helping rural hospitals through remote care.

Heart doctors in Pittsburgh can consult in clinics anywhere to interpret test results and provide guidance on future care.

Who Can Schedule a Heart Video Visit?

Most people can access — and benefit from — video visits. If both you and the physician feel comfortable with video visits, telemedicine can be the first step in evaluating changes in health.

Heart telemedicine is for people:

  • With a family history of heart disease, looking for lifestyle advice to prevent it.
  • Getting ready for heart surgery or healing after.
  • Who need more details about test results.
  • Who want information on new programs.

Your doctor will want to see you in person if you have both heart disease and lung disease. Or if you have complex heart failure.

You may need an exam if you have certain symptoms, combined with a complex medical condition.