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Advantages of the Executive Physical

The Importance of Prevention

An executive physical can help identify medical problems before they become serious. Many conditions — such as diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers — have a high rate of successful treatment when detected early.

Executives who choose the UPMC Executive Health Program for primary care receive the benefit of continuity of care — because our doctors at the site perform the executive physical or work in concert with the client's primary care physician (PCP) or other doctor whom the client specifies.

With such a relationship, the PCP and the UPMC physician who performs the executive physical can act together at the first sign of trouble.

UPMC or Resort-based Programs?

Executive physicals at resorts can be expensive. More importantly, a physician whose sole job is to conduct annual physical exams often performs resort-based executive physicals.

If a doctor doesn't regularly treat sick patients, how will he or she be able to identify a possible disease?

As one of the world’s leading academic medical centers, UPMC handles some of the most difficult and unusual cases.

The physicians who conduct executive physicals — who also treat patients with a wide range of illnesses — are especially well qualified to attend to a company’s health care needs.

Exacting Standards of Care

UPMC can offer businesses a company-wide model of care. This means that all executives benefit from the same exacting medical standards.

The program offers virtually all testing at one central facility — saving your executive's valuable time shuttling from exam room to freestanding laboratory to imaging center.

And, the full strength of UPMC's resources stands behind the Executive Health Program.