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Center for Perioperative Care Telemedicine Services

Our telemedicine services provide access Center for Perioperative Care (CPC) experts who can help you to manage your care from your home. This can help reduce the time, effort, cost, and stress involved in traveling for care.

About CPC Telemedicine Services

If you prefer remote care, we can provide perioperative care through video visits when possible.

You may need to travel for some appointments – like preoperative bloodwork, imaging, and an in-person physical. But telemedicine works well for risk assessment and to begin patient optimization prior to your surgery.

Since the same providers offer video and in-person visits, you receive seamless perioperative care.

Total Telemedicine Pathway

The CPC partners with several surgeons to provide pre-surgical and perioperative care via telemedicine. This offers patients a streamlined pathway and virtual access to UPMC procedural excellence and high-quality care. In some cases, you won't need to meet your surgeon in person until the day of surgery.

The telemedicine option may not be available for all patients. Our experts will determine what is best for your situation, depending on the nature of your surgery.

Benefits of CPC Telemedicine Services

Many patients travel an hour or more for medical care. Our CPC telemedicine service can help:

  • Reduce travel time and costs.
  • Provide convenient and timely care with a team of anesthesia experts.
  • Provide access to testing and other services closer to home.
  • Provide answers to questions or concerns, without an in-person visit.
  • Reduce the times you miss work or other life-events.
  • Provide a complete care approach, including medical and non-medical treatments.

Who Can Use CPC Telemedicine Services?

Your doctor will refer you to the CPC for treatment before your surgery.

What to Expect During a CPC Video Visit

The CPC is here to support you through every step of the surgical process.

During your appointment, you'll meet with a CPC team member who will act as your surgery coach. Our highly trained care team includes:

  • Anesthesiologists.
  • Physician assistants.
  • Nurse practitioners.

What Does a Surgery Coach Do?

Your CPC coach will:

  • Check your health.
  • Make sure you can safely receive pain medicine during surgery.
  • Talk with you about your lifestyle and help you make needed changes.
  • Create a care plan to help you prepare for your procedure.
  • Teach you how to keep track of your health.
  • Help you prepare for a safe and successful surgery and recovery.


As a major referral hospital, UPMC accepts most major insurance plans.

Please contact your health insurance company to confirm if your plan covers our telemedicine services.

Patient Resources

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