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John W. Mellors, MD

Dr. Mellors is interested in antiviral therapy of HIV infection and AIDS. This includes the evaluation of new antiretroviral compounds, both in the laboratory and in clinical trials, and studies on the mechanisms of antiviral drug resistance. An important obstacle to effective long-term treatment of patients with HIV infection, drug-resistance has developed to most antiretrovirals and is largely responsible for resurgent viremia, clinical deterioration and death despite continued therapy. Effective strategies are needed to prevent the emergence of drug-resistant HIV and to treat patients in whom drug-resistant virus is present.

The primary focus of Dr. Mellors' research is to detect and characterize viral variants that are resistant to antiretroviral drugs. This line of research can elucidate the mechanisms of drug action and drug resistance, identify alternative drug therapies for resistant virus, and help devise strategies to prevent the development of drug resistance. Dr. Mellors' other research interests include clinical trials of new antiretroviral drug combinations, studies of viral load as a predictor of disease outcome, and salvage treatment regimens.