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UPMC Emergency Medicine Employment Program

Lifestyle and Coverage

Physician coverage structure

At UPMC Emergency Medicine, we believe that low patient-to-physician ratios in an emergency department are necessary to promote superior patient care and physician satisfaction and longevity. Each UPMC Emergency Department maintains generous physician staffing ratios that allow our physicians to deliver quality care. We believe strong physician coverage creates a safer and more effective care environment for patients and physicians.

Flexible work options

UPMC Emergency Medicine offers numerous employment options to suit the varied needs of our physicians. This flexibility allows our doctors to choose the balance of compensation and work that best fits their goals.

UPMC Emergency Medicine’s model is to employ physicians at one emergency department, which is identified in the physician's employment agreement. Physicians will not be required to work at any site that is not agreed upon by the physician.

UPMC Emergency Medicine does offer split contracts between two sites as well as options for physicians who want to supplement their compensation with additional clinical time.

Because UPMC Emergency Medicine serves many hospitals in the region, physicians enjoy the flexibility of working in a system that lets them choose the emergency department setting that best matches their career goals without changing their employer or leaving the area.

  • Full-time physicians receive a comprehensive benefit package. The full-time package is available to physicians who work a minimum annual commitment of 1,500 clinical hours, approximately 125 hours per month.
  • Permanent part-time physicians receive a partial benefit package. The permanent part-time package is available to physicians who work a minimum annual commitment of 800 hours, approximately 66 hours per month. This program has been popular among physicians who want a lower clinical workload, but still need high quality malpractice insurance and health insurance
  • Full-time floater physicians receive a comprehensive benefit package. They also receive a high hourly rate for agreeing to work at numerous UPMC Emergency Departments in the region.
  • Casual status physicians receive an hourly rate and paid occurrence-based malpractice insurance. These physicians have no annual or monthly commitment.