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Barry Eisley: Hip Replacement

Barry Eisley | UPMC

Barry's Same Day Hip Replacement

A few years ago, Barry Eisley, 53, first felt pain flaring in his hip.

“It felt like a pulled groin muscle, causing me to stop much more often. It started really slowing me down.”

As an avid outdoorsman, slowing down was not an option. When the pain didn’t improve, Barry saw his family doctor and was referred to John Bailey, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon with UPMC in the Susquehanna region, for x-rays and evaluation.

Given Barry’s younger age and good health, Dr. Bailey determined he was a good candidate for a same-day hip replacement. Active patients in their 40s to 60s, who have support from a caregiver to aid in their recovery, are the best candidates for the procedure.

“We involve the caregiver or coach from the very beginning,” explains registered nurse Becky Folmar, nurse navigator for The Joint Center. “We encourage them to participate with the patient in the pre-op class, therapy gym, and discharge instruction, so everyone is well-informed on the treatment plan and knows exactly what to expect.”

Unlike traditional hip surgery, a same-day hip replacement is an outpatient procedure that replaces the anterior hip by accessing the femur through a small incision in the front of the hip joint, eliminating the need to cut muscles and tendons to access the hip. This allows for a faster recovery, less pain, and a shorter hospital stay — sometimes only a few hours — lessening the risk for common complications after the surgery.

“In addition to the medical benefits, patients often feel more comfortable recovering at home,” explains Dr. Bailey. “The patient is in familiar surroundings and their loved ones can provide the personalized care needed for recovery.”

Only three hours after the successful hip replacement, Barry was up and exercising with the rehabilitation team; that day, he was discharged home. With a regimen of gentle stretches, elevation, and building up his movements, Barry was back in the woods in a few weeks.

“In only five weeks, I was already recovered 95% of where I was prior to my hip troubles — without the pain,” Barry adds. “I highly recommend the same-day procedure. They explained everything to me, and what was really reassuring to me was that they kept checking on me. They made sure I was still comfortable with doing the same-day hip procedure, and after discharge, they followed up to see how I was progressing. It’s a great relationship.”